Welcome to Zimmerman Capital Management

Zimmerman Capital Management, LLC is a fee-only, independent financial advisor, financial planner, and investment advisor located in Salem, Ohio. We utilize a holistic approach that integrates comprehensive financial planning with investment management. 

We are fee-only advisors. We have no financial relationships with any brokerage firms, mutual fund companies, or money managers; the only compensation we receive is from our clients. We offer objective advice based solely on the goals, needs and risk tolerance of our clients. 

As fiduciaries of the public trust we are required by law to place our clients’ interests ahead of our own and to disclose any conflicts of interest. We would never choose any other way. 

The motto of most financial companies today is “bigger is better.” We do not subscribe to that philosophy. In fact, we purposely limit the number of clients we have.
Our mission is to be indispensable in helping simplify our clients’ financial lives while growing and protecting their wealth; but just as important, providing them with peace of mind.

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