401(k) Consulting

The Reality of Today’s Retirement Plan Marketplace :

  • Frequent news reports of increased litigation
  • New United States Department of Labor (DOL) regulations and stepped-up scrutiny
  • Uncertain, confusing and challenging environment for those without expert advisors.

The Truth About Sponsor Liability:
Plan sponsors are legally responsible for acting as prudent experts and can be personally liable for failing to manage their plan by sufficiently diversifying investments or controlling the fees associated with their plans under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). Unless, they legally transfer it to an ERISA 3(38) Investment Manager. **MOST ADVISORS, AGENTS, BROKERS, BANKS, BROKERAGE FIRMS AND INSURANCE COMPANIES ARE NOT FIDUCIARIES OR 3(38) INVESTMENT MANAGERS!!
401k consulting at Zimmerman Capital

Fortunately, Zimmerman Capital Management has solutions that provide:

Competitive Fees
Let’s face it; the first factor you consider is cost. As a fully independent and fee-only firm, our fees are, and always have been, fully disclosed and transparent.

We provide the highest level of sponsor protection available, by acting as your plan’s investment fiduciary under ERISA Section 3(38). We monitor a compliance checklist and prepare the required Investment Policy Statement.
We help document the ongoing regulatory compliance by generating necessary analyses, including the annual benchmarking report, and assisting with other record keeping.

Investment Consulting
Investment outcomes are driven by risk and reward –and, importantly, by participants reaction, or often times, overreaction, to market volatility. By offering professionally constructed and managed model portfolios made up of diversified investments with lower fees available through institutional funds from DFA and Vanguard, we position your employees to build their wealth in a sensible framework.

Professionally managed model investment portfolios provide an excellent base from which to build wealth, but flexibility is also important. Your individual employees are unique individuals, with unique challenges, opportunities and questions. We provide on site group and individual educational meetings to help your employees get the most from your retirement plan.

Service Team Coordination
Behind every 401(k) plan is a team of service providers that includes a Third Party Administrator, a Recordkeeper, and a Custodian. We reduce your administration burden by overseeing and communicating with your service providers first, freeing you from the everyday tasks.

For More Information
For more information about retirement plans or 401(k) plan management in general,
please call us at 330-332-4261.

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